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Ohakim’s Rattled Snake Condition

By: Odimegwu Onwumere  
 Published April 24th, 2011

Nigerian politicians are not worth dying for. They take us for granted. This is why we must not take our lives for granted for the ascension of any political contender. What kind of money is worth losing a life for? But Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State acts like one who wants the people of Imo State to lose their lives, so that he could be re-elected, following his body language, which depicts desperation.

From accounts of what have been playing out in that state, whoever that is working for Rochas Okorocha or Ifeanyi Ararume, automatically becomes Ohakim’s enemy. His agents also know those people who are working for these contenders, have their lists, and have made arrests or worse.

Ohakim seems to have moles in every political camp in Imo State, that are passing information to him. And many people do not know this, they go about exposing theirselves. How can somebody who said that he is a leader be so savage by asking that nobody posts anything but Ohakim’s posters in Owerri? Some persons have asked: What manner of Governor is this?

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It is sad that Ohakim is playing ‘do-or-die’ politics. And the just concluded National Assembly elections in some parts of the state proved this. He forgot that all over the world, democracy is not a game of holding one group down, while another is promoted.

My USA-based friend, Emenike Nwankwo, PhD, had warned: “It was just an act of supporting the invasion of privacy that forced president Nixon to resign during watergate. His campaign staff were accused of secretly breaking into the offices of his opponent. When the incident leaked out to the press and it became a burden, he was forced to resign his office and hand over to his deputy”.

Would people stay away from Ohakim’s track and stop provoking him because he is so desperate than some Imo people can see? So, Ohakim did not expect any challenge? Would Ohakim sacrifice any Imo person who is not supporting him? He cannot intimidate all the people to stay away from Imo politics even when it is known that a dead general can not live to fight again, but it is known that a good lawyer even speaks from the grave. And Imo people must speak out!

Ohakim cannot intimidate all the Imo people with his rattled snake condition in that state’s politics so far, to stay away from the politics. Those people who have through the pen written constructive criticism of him should not wane and hope that it is time to be collecting their bonus and not say anymore no matter his Ikedinakoboko, which was Iwuoha’s predicament in the hands of Ohakim and his subsequent articles that assigned Ohakim the title of a koboko man. It was this that led my friend in the USA to say that Ohakim’s Public Relation (PR) is finished, and that in the USA, he is cooked like Okro soup in the eyes of Imo citizens, for being the most undemocratic ever in that office.

We also have heard that when some politicians in Imo State went to answer the call by Bishop Obinna at Assumpta Cathedral Owerri, the state capital, Ohakim was booed. The Bishop had invited all the governorship aspirants to come and recite their manifestoes on how they intend to develope Imo State. About eighteen aspirants went. Numbers were said to them to pick from a basket for turns to speak. Reportedly, Ohakim was either no. 7 or 8; when it was the turn of Ohakim to speak, he was booed until he got angry and threatened to leave the hall.

It was also reported in a circulating grassroots voice poll results that Okorocha will give Ohakim a massive defeat on the election day because the people do not want Ohakim. “When we say Ohakim is finished, it means that he should begin to look for new lawyers, because he has questions to answer and to make public accounts of every penny he was given from the federal allocation,” still said the report.

It is no news that many Imo people have said that Ohakim fakes ‘419’ projects and hosts mischievous websites to hoodwink his people to believe that his government is working. Many Imo people have said that they are now ready for the ‘battle’ to root out evil from (Ohakim-led Imo State government) Imo and bring the bright days they are working for in the election. The momentum is growing, but could the days they are working for be Okorocha or Ararume? Some people are yet to believe this. The ‘rescue mission’ is also working, hoping that Imo will soon be free from the ‘419’ projects?

Opinion poll carried by a group known as the Concerned Citizens For Better Imo which took place on the 15th of February 2011, when two students were sent to central Owerri to seek opinions randomly on voters’ preference for Imo State governor, the outcome indicates Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha leading the pack. Out of 4000 people approached in no particular form, the following responses were obtained: 3651 said that they will vote for Mr. Okorocha, 303 said that they will vote for Ohakim, 42 said that they will vote for Ararume, and 4 refused to say anything.

The same opinion was reportedly sought on the 20th February 2011, in Orlu International market, and the opinions were targeted at 2000 but 3500 people responded thus: 3495 said that they will vote for Mr. Okorocha, and 5 said that they will vote for anybody with cash. On the 21 of February 2011, the opinion seekers were reportedly parked their car in Ubo Mmiri, along Orlu-Owerri Road, motorists, including drivers of Keke totaled at 500 spoke, and the following was obtained: 452 said that they will vote for Mr. Okorocha, 43 said that they will vote Mr. Ohakim, and 5 said that they will vote for Mr. Ararume. On the 24th, the people started from Nkwere to Anara, then to Okigwe. They reportedly, also, went to Mbaitolu and Mbaise. They could not continue to other areas as they encountered unruly police officers. But out of the 1965 people they asked, 1435 said that they will vote for Mr. Okorocha, 350 said that they will vote for Mr. Ararume, and the rest just called them Ohakim boys.

Notwithstanding, it was a Ayn Rand who said that, "Competition is a by-product of productive work, not its goal. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others"; political juggernaut Kingsley O. Mbadiwe (K.O.) said, "When the comes come to become, you will know the physicality of man"; and Collin Powell said, “Only a fool is at his best”. It is now left for Imo people to chose from the quotes the one that befits Ohakim.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, Media/Writing Consultant and
Motivator, is the Founder of Poet Against Child Abuse (PACA)

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