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Bilikisu Sungbo; Need to embrace Cultural Revolution now
By: Chief Olufemi Robinson  
 Published  August 14th, 2012

Only last week I had a mild attack which nearly cost me my life. I had been running about trying to make some of our leaders understand that cultural revival can perform the same magic that the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo performed when he industrialized and propelled the then Western Region to the most envious position in the history of the country.

I am with this article calling on our leaders to please listen to the voice of the people. We can not continue to promise our people dividends of democracy without providing jobs. There are jobs which require little government involvement.

It is on record South West Nigeria has probably the largest cultural and historical monuments in Africa. The discovered or yet to be discovered historical monuments that have generated a lot of the myths and legends of Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Ogun, Edo and Benin are enough tourism destinations to generate foreign exchange more than whatever agriculture policies we put in place. It is a business you do not need to wait for growing time.

That is why It has become necessary for me to explain the need for the Bilikisu/Queen of Sheba workshop billed to take place on the 27th and 28th of August 2012 even as I strain myself to type this article..

For over 1000 years the story that the occupant of a grave site in Oke Eri in Ijebuland could be the legendary Queen of Sheba in the Bible has been told. Not only have the elderly occupants of the land confirmed that they heard the story from their fathers, there are historical and traditional dating that suggest this could be true. Unfortunately traditional taboos which made Africa the “Dark Continent” in those days still tend to persist even today. If this story is true think of the financial and scientific returns this would bring to the people of Ijebuland.

For example, our fathers tend to guard information about the community as if it a sole preserve of their family. Very often they die without passing the knowledge to their siblings.

The aim of the workshop is to create a forum where we can ask questions and tell what we know about the Bilikisu Sungbo story so as to put to rest some of the speculations that has made a possible treasure lands, ghost lands.

Man would never have dared to travel to the moon if he had believed in the taboo that he would be disturbing heavenly spirits. Science teaches us to ask questions and find solutions. There is need to bring civilization to the African continent by demystifying these taboos which still make it difficult for information to be obtained from our elders.

The workshop is geared towards collating valuable information on the subject and obtaining contributions on how to encourage investment in tourism destinations in Nigeria.

There is need to embrace Cultural Revolution now because this will encourage our youths to go back to their destinations to look after them. We must realize that functional tourism destinations are like farm settlements because they create jobs for the community and guarantee security and community friendliness.

You may have observed that the creation of Local Governments in Nigeria has not brought development to communities because there are no industries or traditional business developed in these communities. Some tourism destinations in the world do not need five star hotels, electricity and all. What they need is hospitality and new living experience.

Traditional taboos have created bottle necks in every aspect of our life making foreign values take preference.

Chief Olufemi Robinson

Author of the Movie “Bilikisu”

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