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 Published April 4th, 2010

A reasonable human being must always give kudos to a government who has the love of the masses in her mind, cares for their safety and want them to live long.

Okada commercial business which had over a decade ago become a lucrative business for teeming Nigerian youths and many civil servant retirees serves as an alternative source of income for many household, a means of transportation for hurrying passengers and relatively minimises the level of social vices.

In sooth, there is no work without its hazard, but considering the havoc which is attached to the riding of Okada, One could easily say that he would never be on it for ever. Getting to casualty unit of many of our prominent hospitals, one will see many able men and women disabled with broken legs and hands, high degree of injuries inflicted on sensitive parts of body like head due to Okada accidents. Many parents have lost their children and many children lost their parents. Promising youths are no more, while many pregnant women have gone to the great beyond all in the name of riding Okada.

These entire sad occurrences motivated our amiable Honourable commissioner for Works and Transportation; Alhaji Muslim Oyedemi to make a recommendation for Oyo State house of assembly on which they pass the bill and then promulgate a law that restrict commercial motorcyclist popularly called Okada Rider from operating on the Federal and State government roads. The full enforcement and implementation kicked off on Wednesday 24th of March, 2010 in Ibadan where hundreds of commercial and even the private motorcyclists that were excluded were victims.

Meanwhile, as many Okada riders were regretting being victims, ‘Our Friends’; bad eggs in Nigeria Police Force began to rejoice on another opportunity (way) of exploitation. At a pepper-soup joint on that fateful day implementation of the law, one of ‘our friends’ was saying it jovially that he realised N15, 000.00k only from the day activities. It was all about negotiating with the victim on either to pay N10,000.00k an alternative to mobile court instituted by the government or N2,000.00k to ‘our friends’ purse. If you and I were to be in the shoe of the victim, which on will you prefer?

I therefore want to use this medium to appeal to the government to re-emphasise the conditions that are attached to the law and let it be clearly spelt out most especially to the law enforcement agents. The conditions like Movement time limit, Plying un-dualised high way or not and exclusion of private riders. Inspite the fact that these have been said several times on radio, television and news papers, they still need emphasis because we all ‘our Friends’ and their natural way of operation. Live long Ibadan city, live long Oyo State, Live long Nigeria.


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