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By: Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai  
 Published January 31st, 2012

Anyone, who has attempted to study thinking, will come to see that nearly every innovation or disaster results from the nature of the biological make-up of the persona, and the meta-theoretical ideas that flow from his medulla oblongata. The thought process is a very complex phenomenon in which the human brain plays a major role.

How a man thinks, so he acts. Thinking and reasoning often go together, but reasoning is more reflective and takes a while longer than thinking.

Thinking can be enriched by education, for example, by studies in logic and philosophy or by sustained meditation. If one harbours bad thoughts of criminal nature, the devil steps in to lead the person to perdition, but if one thinks about altruistic things, noble engagements, the Holy Spirit will enter the heart and occupy it.

Since 1960, our Federal Republic has been injured very often by criminal conducts. Lawlessness has been rife, lawlessness has been on the rise and the serpents of illusion have crawled around the nation. Among them are cobras, vipers, asps, green snakes, menigots sea-horses and owumiri.

Their spiritual venomous outpourings have acted like curses against the Federal Republic. In this essay, we shall blame ourselves and not our governments for a change.

Lawless Vs The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a legal expose of the manifold lawless behaviours of many Nigerian citizens, especially those loud-mouthed political opposition that enjoy newspaper headlines for “tough talk”. They sound off regularly and brilliantly and they wait for another national aberration or tragedy to speak out, without making detailed suggestions about how the Republic can progress.

Every criticism, as from now must be accompanied by constructive suggestions. Audacious fine speeches that catch the headlines have not assisted our nation to gain acceleration in the right direction.

The government is also to blame for ignoring positive criticisms, without examining their merit, even where these come from opposition parties and thinking people.

I am invoking my public policy privilege to say that many Nigerians are law-abiding, but there many too, who are lawless to the extreme. If a new leadership culture of fearless governance can manifest and prevail, where the law is not a respecter of the Lawless, where corruption can be regarded as a national security issue, then a new Republic or Confederal Republic can come into being.

If not, all prayers to God Almighty, will have no effect, but in due course, “ God is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham” and bring up new leaders, who fear God and who will govern well.

Lawlessness is a habit of mind, a mind-set resulting from perverse behavior, reckless attitude that callously acts in ways that hurt others, without the perpetrator being mindful of his brutal conduct. This lack of civility may be biological or spiritual.

The Portuguese were inoculated with the perverse spirit of callousness in their shameless dealing with black slaves in Brazil, which is the result of their present karmic disorder, from which they shall never recover. AMEN.

Law cannot be easily defined because the functions of law in a society depend on the socio-economic system that prevails in that particular society. Lord Scarman in DuPont Steel Vs Sirs (1980) ICR. 18, 2 said that law is a body of rules by which judges determine justice.

Even though law in feudal, capitalist and socialist societies differ in their emphasis, the theoretical foundations of law are universal.

Law regulates the manifold relationships between the state and its citizens, as well as between the citizens, prescribing acceptable norms of behavior and punishing serious and minor offences according to laid down positive laws by the legislature of a state.

In a democratic society, the rule of law must prevail. Law must promote social justice for all citizens. Peaceful co-existence under the rule of law creates an atmosphere for harmonious living.

A lawless person is one, who behaves in inappropriate ways, violating the established law and order. Where such a person commits crimes unconscionably and becomes incorrigible and insufferable, he should be charged to court for the magistrate to deal with such a recidivist.

A close look at prison records show that 65% of those who had been jailed, or who are still in jail are victims of the socio-economic situation, prevalent in societies.

In Nigeria, had there been a system of social justice that cushions the eternal hardships that the people face, there would have been fewer prisoners in society. Civic and religious teachings do affect human behavior for good.

Highly placed persons do violate laws with impunity and those in high office are known to have gotten away with serious crimes, because of the role of influence, tribalism, expected advantage and a weak judicial consciousness.

I am impressed with the Pakistani justice system. Recently the Supreme Court summoned the Prime Minister and charged him with contempt for failure to obey the order of the court to prosecute the President.

In Nigeria, joblessness, meager incomes, hard attitudes, lack of a system of social security, homelessness, family and extended family pressures, greed, avariciousness, maladjusted life-style, lack of education, orphan status and other causes lead social humans to commit crimes.

In Nigeria, the sure way to wealth and fame is being in politics. The terrain is dangerous. A ll sorts of murderous engagements trail the political path. Those in political office often think that any criticism about their governance performance is aimed at removing them from office or an avowed attempt to do so.

Those in opposition often engage in disruptive tendencies, fabrications, and innuendoes to discredit the government. When such practices reach intolerable heights, these cause the government to undertake harsh measures against the populace.

The above situations entrench a tense political atmosphere, which causes the government to divert its attention from national-building to undemocratic practices, quelling riots and imposing emergency rule.

Lawless Nigerians overtake on the wrong side of the road, at times causing avoidable accidents. They believe that bribery can solve any problem or problems, officials practice all sorts of crimes and the justice system has been rendered inoperative, to a large extent. A well-ordered social order will minimize corruption.

Lawless enriched himself during his tenure and now lives happily ever after. He now calls on Jonathan to fight corruption. Lawless sold out the country for profit. Lawless bought over all the properties government sold and is very keen to rule again. Lawless has no conscience but he prays every day. Lawless walks the corridors of power but preaches moderation on Sundays. Lawless sleeps in the mosque but violates refined Islamic culture of meekness and philanthropy. Lawless recruited his own kiths and kin. Lawless kidnaps human beings. Lawless has big bank accounts in foreign states, which foreign nationals borrow to live well, while his compatriots are “suffering and smiling.” Lawless has failed to comply with the requirement of asset declaration. Lawless sells fake drugs. Lawless has escaped EFCC dragnet but is a dead soul.

Finally, those, who enjoy “isiewu” goat’s cooked head, overlook the lawless concupiscence of the “nwanmkpi” he-goat, which does not care where it obeys the divine injunction of “Go ye forth, increase and multiply.”

Lawless Vs The Confederal Republic, is a legal battle that will end up in the Supreme Court of, WE THE PEOPLE, the bearers of state sovereignty and independence, till time indefinite. Every day is for the thieves, but one day is for the QWNERS OF THE REPUBLIC, WE THE PEOPLE, who will soon assemble to talk, at a Conference of the CONFEDERACY.

Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai is the Academic Chancellor of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Fugar/Abuja.

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