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Like Political Father like Political Son

By: Chris Onyishi
 Published May 25th, 2010

I do not need a prophet to tell me that President Jonathan does not have what it takes to lead Nigeria. This is evident in the way he romances the big masquerade who could not offer Nigeria and Nigerians anything, other than frustration, poverty, senselessness and lawlessness, in eight years of his administration.

A smart person would have known that there cannot be any worse political albatross than this masquerade who once boasted that he is never “embarrassed” by anything.

The masquerade that once asked someone what he forgot in Aso Rock is trying to go back to the villa through the back door. Is it not proper to ask him what he forgot which he could not take in eight “senseless” years of his occupation of the Rock villa? My sense is that he may be trying to use Goodluck to re-launch the failed third term project. Nigerians must be very weary of this man and his political Good-luck son before it becomes bad-luck for all of us. Once beaten, twice shy they say. A stitch in time saves nine.

This was the man who had the opportunity to rewrite African history but chose not to. This is the same man Mr. President Goodluck is looking onto. What is the basis for this relationship, one may ask, if not a case of birds of the same feather flocking together? Or, do we say, like political father like political son.

A few antecedents have shown what Mr. President Goodluck cannot do. He cannot ask Iwu to resign and hand over to next senior officer and Iwu agrees. He cannot tell his wife that this is not the right time to go shopping in Dubai, whether with private jet or commercial one – He cannot refuse to relate with someone whom every body knows, including himself, did not perform in eight years.

From the look of things, He may not be able to resolve the issue of power. He may not be able to resist the temptation to stay in power beyond next May, 2011, and to that extent he will not bequeath us with a genuine electoral reform since he is - definitely - not going to be an unbiased umpire in a game he will be participating in. Any body that will usher in a genuine and sound electoral reform will not and should not, as a matter of moral finesse, participate in the immediate next election to the reform. So we can say that he will just be another unhealthy President.

For Mr. President Goodluck to perform, he has to do what I usually call cleansing – borrowing again from my Pentecostal friends. And that is to cleanse himself from the terminal disease I choose to call the big masquerade. I have always said that men are more honorable when they avoid what will demystify them. It is better that President Goodluck goes out honorably than stay back and mess himself up. If you do not have it, you do not have it, period. Except we are saying that Presidency in Nigeria is not about development but arrangement of south producing, then north producing, then east producing, then west producing and probably mid west producing.

My greatest worry is that people who came into power the way President Goodluck and his master did are never do wells. This is instructive in view of the fact that they never prepared for anything.

The first time the big masquerade came to power was in 1976 when his boss was mown down in a gruesome coup d'état. We saw how he did not attempt to implement any of his master’s plans except the handover. He just sat down cultivating corruption until the handover date. He deliberately allowed this to happen then because he was not sure whether those who master minded the death of his boss were not still in the system. The second time was from the prison. We also saw that he was more of a “man of God” than a politician then. He clutched his bible when he came out of prison and denied that he was being drafted until he was foisted on us by the Babagindas. Again, it is evident today that those eight years of his administration were mere retrogressive mechanism that sent Nigeria back 50 years, if not more.

Now President Goodluck started off as a deputy governor, then Vice president, acting president and, now, substantive President and commander in chief. We are seeing how he started off with a wife who junkets about for jewelry shopping in far away Dubai. From America to Port Harcourt, every where he went, he kept promising very thing including electoral reform, power stability, corruption eradication. By amassing of these plethoras of activities to be achieved within 8 months in office, Mr. President is either exposing his inexperience and or ignorance towards the art of governance or he is preparing our mind with a later alibi to be used to plead with us to allow him another term to complete what he has started. And this was what his master did for eight years and later wanted to roast all of us alive in one third term madness which he embarked upon with all energy.

Even though those entire things he promises are vital for our national development, one would have expected a genuine man to concentrate on just one, which, in my opinion will drive the rest and that, should have been electoral reform. The point is that it is very possible to achieve sound electoral reform in its entirety within the remaining part of the life of this administration. And when once we have a viable electoral system, corruption would have been reduced to its barest minimum and this will engender the kind of transparency that will ensure power stability and other infrastructural development that will make us a major player in the so much touted 20:20:20. Any promise of power stability within these few months is a fluke, although nothing is impossible with God.

With a full fledged electoral reform that meets the desire of many Nigerians, Mr. President would have endeared himself to the majority of the populace who will now genuinely call on him to stand an election at any other time other than May 2011 instead of dancing to the demonic harp music of self seeking aids and hungry hangers on who will be singing death lullaby that will make him jettison the voice of reason.

To rule at all cost is not the most important thing, as far as I am concerned. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to contribute, either, ideas or social tenets that will leave an enduring legacy for mankind. And this can be achieved without being a president of a country. It could also be achieved by being a genuinely elected president of a country.

Chris Onyishi
Lagos, Nigeria.

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