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What Does MEND Want?

By: Che Oyinatumba

Published October 7th, 2010

If they were after the looters and politicians that had kept Niger Delta underdeveloped, they would have struck at venues where it was exclusive to have maximum looters casualty. In as much as casualties of war are not limited to combatants, MEND should define rules of engagement or they will end up terrorising the very citizen whose support they are seeking.

Why didn’t these bombs explode at the declaration rallies of these recycled politicians who have been on the scene as old as Nigeria?

Although every life is sacred and important but as a currency of way, the 8 people reported dead are low and insignificant currency in whatever war that MEND is fighting. The ceremony still went ahead as though it was fireworks that just exploded.

If you recall, they did the same during a meeting of the Governors of the oil producing states. What political gain came of the blast if not more money into their pockets?

Agreed the Government has failed us all but what have MEND done for its host communities?

By the style MEND is using, it will not be out of place to brand them a Terrorist Organization. Federal Government has been giving the repentant militants about 65,000 (Sixty Five Thousand Naira) every month yet the boys are greedy and want more. You can count how many honest hard working graduates earn that every month, yet for denouncing criminality, these boys are treated like royalty.

If MEND wants a United Niger Delta Republic, they should say so and take a leaf from Ojukwu's Biafra adventure or we can all sit down and try the Yugoslavian option, rather than this infantile resort to violence whenever they seek attention.

They have their brother as President, their sister as Minister of Petroleum, their brother as Minister of Foreign Affairs; what else do they want? If these choice appointees cannot develop their communities, why come and kill a Gwari man?

Violence begets violence and no tribe, group of tribes have monopoly of violence. In a need to balance terror some people will strike in retaliation and Nigeria will degenerate into Iraq or worst still, Somalia.

Prof.Wole Soyinka, who was involved with MEND and Federal Government parley, should tell us what these boys want. I warn, every human mind has the capacity to evil.
Che Oyinatumba

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