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The Problem With Poor Distrubution of National Wealth

By: Kali Gwegwe
 Published February 25th, 2011

The problem of poverty in third world countries is mostly as a result of poor distribution of national wealth. Nature has designed life in such a manner that every nation is appropriated enough resources with which to service her economy and polity. The major hindrance to effective distribution of national wealth is poor political leadership culture. In Nigeria, the nation's faulty political leadership culture has given birth to high rate corruption and ethnicity- the two mountains standing between the most populous black country on earth and the comity of developed nations.

Effective distribution of national wealth will reduce the gap between the various social brackets in the country. This will mean that every Nigerian citizen will live above poverty line and indirectly discourage the culture of graft. Most cases of graft have foundation in the inability of citizens to meet the basic needs of life.

There is no doubt that the deep culture of ethnicity has robbed Nigeria of quality political leadership. It is almost a taboo in Nigeria to oppose a fellow kinsman or kinswoman in government. Everything possible is done to dominate other ethnic groups. This is done even if it amounts to walking on the head of justice and fair play.

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The issue of zoning that nearly weakened the foundation of Nigeria's democracy is most unfortunate. For very good reasons, a greater percentage of Nigerians came out for the first time in the history of the country to either condemn or ignore the rantings of the few apostles of ethnicity. The bold message is that most Nigerians will care less about the ethnic root of the nation's president provided the aims and objectives of government is achieved.

President Goodluck Jonathan therefore has a huge opportunity to prove the apostles of ethnicity wrong by being a national leader as against that of his native Niger Delta. While he has demonstrated enough of this, more has to be done in terms of even distribution of national wealth so as to reduce the menace of poverty that is ravaging the pockets of most Nigerian masses. The best ways to evenly distribute national wealth are through the provision of quality and affordable housing, transport, education, and health care services. This cannot be possible in the midst of high level corruption in the business of government. This is the more reason why EFCC and ICPC must be reorganized to meet the challenges that comes with fighting graft. The activities of these anti-corruption agencies are clearly too shallow and narrow to face the task before them.

Furthermore, government must cut down on her recurrent expenditure and stimulate economic growth. Towards this end, the issue of electricity and access to funding for new businesses should be given all the attention they deserve. Government must provide compelling incentives to lure citizens back to the farm. This are some ways citizens can be discouraged from depending on government for almost everything.

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