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By: John Egbeazien Oshodi, Ph.D., DABPS, FACFE  
 Published March, 16th, 2010

Traditionally individuals who are in some sort of distress usually get some form of professional help. Within the last six months no reasonable mind will argue against the reality that the national psyche is markedly in distress.

As we all know a people’s wellbeing is only as good as its national health. Just look at the chronic nature of political foolishness as it relates to the true condition of presidency in a society that brands itself as a democracy. There is no doubt this unsettled dilemma is in one way or the other distracting the entire populace.

There is the environmental misery that continues to play out in form of darkness, poor electricity, traffic lawlessness, ill-laced water, and other pollution hazards.

There is open instability across many higher institutions with the regard to unstable course of lectures, and settlement of students as well as faculty and administrators

There is the religious uneasiness between Muslims and Christians, senseless anti-Christians or Muslims killings in a Society where the rule of law is surrounded by the oppositional relationship between the English/Common law and Sharia/Islamic law.

There is the fear of geographical/ethnic emptiness should the South or North not get stand for the presidency—“we” or” them”. And the question of outright economic perversion in form of thievery remains as a direct molestation to the entire society.

Considering these chronic stressors and the numerous acute like patterns of national experiences which have been complicated more by the unchecked minds of the Nigeria leaders, some form of treatment should occur. Within the context of African norms we can find proper ways to reduce some the indicated consequences of the pathological breakdown, the deviant nature of some of the leaders particularly.

We do not need to run to the Euro or American figures for therapeutic directions. What if we start to manage these problems through measures like mental cleansing in form of psychological/personality testing of prospectus special advisers, appointees, commanders, public officials and executives?

The integration of what could be called exhibitionistic treatment as in authorized public flogging could restore quick self control to national offenders? Hopefully, these offers will not only reduce the dysfunctional structure of some areas of the nation, it may in the long run result in a sense of stability for a nation known for a history of various endowments.

John Egbeazien Oshodi

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