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 Published February 1st, 2011

Our leaders say so when there is a pipe for milking, after getting their share, then tribalism, sectionalism and religious bias will come in.

Our leaders call for unity to fight for their right, but in reality fighting for self interest. There are so many problems facing the citizens in the North but none of them have ever thought of solving this problem. In addition within themselves if you are not from Kano, Katsina & Sokoto you are not a Northerner yet. The time Chief Sunday Awoniyi was appointed the chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum, prominent personnel from Kano was against his appointment, being a Yoruba man. But he fails to remember he is from the North, because he is not from the 3 state mentioned earlier.

In the North where some state governors denied the presence of Christianís indigenous citizen in their state, which is a capital lies. In the whole north there is no State without Christianís indigenous citizen. In the few state of the north where there is Islamic dominant, they take any places that suit them to build their marquises, and 80% of the fund comes from Government. But the Christian are not allowed to build their churches, even erected ones where pulled down by the government. Given propaganda to go and seek for permission before they can build their churches. They were even denied to sell a plot of land for church building. If they apply for it; no one is even ready to listing to them. Even with the older permit government fail to renew their permit & C of O.

You will be an indigenous citizen of the state but being a Christian you are even far back a 4th class citizen. They are denied appointment in to government offices. Their children were denied scholarship, and even admission into government schools. They were denied recruitment into Nigerian Police, Military, paramilitary and other federal appointment. They were denied houses for renting; if they were given to you, you are to be charge double of what others pay.

The North what happen to Bank of the North Limited, NNIL & NNDC? Is nothing but a Religious sentiment, tribalism and sectionalism within the so called North. Where is the unity?

By making me a 3rd or 4th class citizen in the north, why? Do you think I will use my effort to vote for a northerner to fight for a freedom I will not dance to it celebrations, to fight for my enslavement. The problems that are bedeviling the north is still untouched. Where are our leaders, Politicians, Arewa Consultative Forum, Northern Elders Forum & Traditional leaders? During religious crisis, political crisis and other saga in the North, what did you tell the northerners? As they are one in unity, not to kill themselves. What effort did you do to educate and develop them at all level? NON. But know we should unite and fight for the north. The north which Cease to exist 20 years ago.

This will not come to existence and cannot mend, due to selfish interest, religious barrier and sectionalism.

Yusus Samaila From Kano

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