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By: Che Oyinatumba

Published September 18th, 2010

Today September 18 2010, Abuja will be agog with the confirmation of the year long known secret that President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan would present himself as a candidate in the 2011 Presidential Election. His body language had left no body in doubt that he craved to continue till 2015. The manner he went about dismantling obstacles on his way confirmed that all those faceless organisations urging him to present himself for election were not doing so based on patriotic conviction but because it was the sound that gladdens his heart.

To put machinery in motion, the obstacle called Zoning had to be uprooted. There was no better means than to axe the custodian of PDP Constitution in the person of former Chairman Vincent Ogbulafor. During the twilight of Yar’Adua, Ogbulafor spoke before thinking, that the North has the presidency till 2015 based on PDP Zoning of elective posts based of its Constitution. This diarrhoea of the mouth needed to be cured and the vindictive nature of Goodluck Jonathan came to the rescue. An old case of corruption against Ogbulafor was exhumed, only for the Chairman to be replaced by a tinted Okwesilieze Nwodo, who speedily gave zoning a worrisome burial despite his appointment being a vote for zoning.(Both has corruption cases hanging on them, both are from the same geo-political zone, both are chief)

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The second part of the machinery was to swindle public opinion. His spin doctors went to work like in the transmuting days of Late General Sani Abacha when all faceless groups were telling Abacha that he was the only Nigerian with a customised head that will fit permanently into the cap of leadership. Groups started encouraging Goodluck Jonathan to present himself and patiently spread his Goodluck into the lives of Nigerians beyond 2011. Not to be beaten to it by others, Mrs. Patience Goodluck, who had been docile and living under the shadows of Turai Yar’Adua, became a Trojan and infested the entire Nigeria in a bid to whip up support for her husband, under the guise of her NGO-Women For Change Initiative. In all these gatherings, she pledges support for the incumbent governor-except Rivers, which brings the old African saying scratch my back, I will scratch yours to a contemporary political tool..

Another group that got onboard to mend the machine for Goodluck Jonathan to run were bunch of questionable intellectuals. These group started by illogically explaining that Goodluck Jonathan and late Umaru Yar’Adua are Siamese twins and at the demise of one, the other should complete the live expectancy of the dead one. Hence Goodluck’s quest to continue was seen as a continuation of the agreed North’s mandate to rule till 2015.

The final greasing was the special Church service held to dedicate his ambition to God. This was to give the spiritually inclined Nigerian the impression that it was a divine mandate. If not to decisive people, why didn’t he do it in the privacy of his home or the Aso Rock Chapel without the press? The quest for this special service and attendance of his declaration was made an Episcopal mandate in Anglican Church on Sunday September 12th 2010. There is no Nigerian politician who is not religious either directly or by proxy (engaging the services of dibia, prayer intercessors and Marabouts), yet there are corruption in high places. God will judge Nigerian politicians by the way they treated Nigeria’s treasury and Nigerians and not by how many times they dedicated their intension to “ruin” Nigeria.

Having traced how Goodluck Ebele Jonathan got the liver to declare, let us dispassionately ask what he has to offer apart from mother luck manipulated by OBJ? Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had been in government or corridors of governance for a long time that one would have thought he ought to know how to solve the problems of Nigeria and would have hit the ground running after the coup of doctrine of necessity that made him Acting President. But what do we have? In Abuja subs, electricity is still rationed, roads across the nation are still death trap, unemployment is hitting the roof, healthcare is a nightmare and the almighty educational sector is epileptic. He failed to build on the amnesty granted to the militants in his backyard. Goodluck Jonathan had failed to build on the goodwill of Yar’Adua all because from the word go, he was busy plotting on how to manipulate his party and Nigerians into allowing him contest 2011 Presidential election. An election he knows he has the greatest odd against other candidates, which is incumbency and its attendant monopoly of agents of coercion.

Che Oyinatumba

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