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Mr. Ryan, Remember Non-Whites Rights
Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi  
 Published  August 16th, 2012

On his first day of being introduced by USA Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Vice-Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan asserted that “Our Rights Come From Nature and God, not from Government”.

Congressman Paul Ryan is right that ultimately our rights come from “Nature and God” but these rights as in the right to freedom and to equal existence which were given to all humans—Native Americans, Blacks and Whites—by God only became realities when the government moved many non-whites from slavery or oppression to freedom.

For Blacks and Whites to be continuously equal the government made sure that their God-given rights are protected constitutionally from persons and institutions with a believe that equal rights for blacks, women and non-whites is unjust.

Mr. Ryan, it was the government who remain focused on making sure that blacks everywhere survive subjugation and not be denied their God given rights.  It was the government that stated that whites and blacks should not be separated because of skin color.

These ideas affirmed by the government and given by God should be what Paul Ryan should champion in the 21st century. So while our rights come from nature and God, without the government individuals like the Visionary Nelsen Mandela, President Barak Obama, Dr. Condoleezza Rice or Senator Marco Rubio would not have the right to be part of today’s national politics and prosperity.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi is a Clinical/Forensic Psychologist.

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