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By: Suleiman Ibrahim
 Published November 28th, 2011

Why the citizens should pay for the detriment of what should have been a beneficiary to all Nigerians if not free, but as a token to compensate national development despite exportation of natural resources to international market as revenue generation to support the country, but yet the government is still capitalizing on lifting the subsidy on petroleum resources. What else will the people of Nigeria count on as a dividend over the year on international transaction to nation benefit regardless of the following which are still burden to national and economy benefit to all citizens?

1. Instability of electricity as a key factor that tarnished the support of self, private and governmental industrial empowerment which becomes necessity to alleviate poverty and to generate employment opportunities. Besides, self-reliance, private organizations and government parastatals are using petroleum resource and generators as a backup, not talking about the cost of petrol or diesel, generators and maintenance to support their business. While the nation cannot even boost of sustainable national grid power system and yet the government still want to slam the benefit of all Nigerians from the subsidy.

2. National and general hospitals are operating almost at the cost of private hospital on both patient charges and maintenance as a result of high operational cost, which in question talk about an inclusive factor of power plants that enjoys the benefit of the subsidy.

3. Portable water has become so scarce because the water board can hardly maintain the cost of diesel to power the generator plants which always became the excused.

4. Rescue support personnel such as police, fire service to mention these few, request for vehicle petroleum refill before service can be rendered to community under the stress of emergency.

This is to mention but few, oh you patriot of great Nigeria are we truly the so called giant of Africa that we cannot cater for the survival our people? Why the government cannot think of other means of developing the national economy rather than pasting eyebrow on subsidy that compensate major means of survival? Instate this will create more problems to Nigeria people. Who else can we count upon, where are our votes, where are those people who make several promises to support their people? Please be aware.the endeavors of our forefathers we should not allow it to be in vain. Vote for patriots not parrots and grass-surfers of Nigeria economy.

Student of F.C.E., Zaria.


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