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A Chance for producers and artistes to stop begging.

By: Fredrick Femi Robinson

 Published June 30th, 2010

Fellow Nigerians as we get ready to celebrate the Golden Jubilee in Nigeria come 1st of October 2010 we should begin to think of how to give stage plays and the Theatres a new lease of life. Stage artistes and producers must stop begging for sponsorship. As the creator of the Performing Arts Promoters Concept, I believe the time is right for a “pay back” in the real sense of the word if we truly want the works of the Nigerian Performing Artists to be appreciated. If at my level of involvement in theatre I have to beg to promote my creativity, what will happen to those who never had the opportunity to make a name in the field? Requesting for financial sponsorship for our activities has for years portrayed the artist in Nigeria as a beggar. Investing in the activities of the artist and obtaining financial returns will give some respect to the artist.

The Performing Arts Promoters have designed a “money pay back” guarantee for all those who believe in the arts and are willing to invest their money and creativity in theatre productions.

If you invest your money in any of our productions you will receive;

  • Our “money pay back” ticket allocation for seats of the play which will run for six months in various theatres in the country. You can sell these tickets at what ever face value or use the tickets to promote your business or product. This way you are guaranteed your money back and we are guaranteed of paying guests and full publicity. Every one financially involved is satisfied
  • Automatic membership as a Corporate Member of the Performing Arts Promoters of Nigeria with full publicity benefit at events. This will guarantee continuity.
  • Approval to set up a Performing Arts Promoters Agency in your name or organization if you can link up with not less than a 200 seat theatre or hall in your community. This will guaranty Jobs for artiste members all over the country.
  • Tickets will not be sold at the gates but through approved agencies only. This will guarantee security of the business.
Performing Arts Promoters is presently setting up Performing Arts Promoter Agencies all over the States in the Federation so as to create a network of venues where our Stage plays will take place. You are invited.

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  a special play written by the founder creator of the Performing Arts Promoters concept will be produced and staged nationwide with command performances in state capitals. You can invest in the Play Ajantala and have your investment “Money Pay back” ticket allocation for the command performance in your state. Find out more on  or call 08033054080. You may consider this as a reply to questions on how to save the theatre and the performing arts in Nigeria.

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