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By: Chris Onyishi
 Published May 2nd, 2011

Congenitally, some beings are born with the spirit and mission to enhance humanity and the determination to allow for development, peace and tranquility within the society they find themselves. These species of human beings place public interest above their personal interest.

Further more, these kinds of human beings have altruistic tendencies towards mankind that depict them as embodiment of God. They have realistic knowledge of their acceptance and capability within the society where they exist. They also understand the enormity of the anti human forces within societies. They are genuine patriots who have a defined precept of what a responsible government should be. They choose not to join the bandwagon of very irresponsible and inordinate individuals whose only understanding of politics is to amass wealth that they will never use in all their life time; myopic people who do not understand that nation states are great as a result of leaders that fashioned it.

At very trial and critical points in the life a nation, they readily show unmitigated tendency to coalesce with others, not because they are weak, but because they always believe that when struggles are not concentrated, the anti human forces will always triumph.

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It is in this sense that I see no other rational, congenial and selfless person than Prof. Pat Utomi as it relates to the April 2011 presidential election in Nigeria and the true determination by progressive opposition to wrestle power from the recalcitrant PDP. In a message titled: “Walking My Talk: A Cry For My Beloved Country’’, Prof. Pat Utomi bowed out of the presidential race - probably - as he said earlier, to enable him in “… rethinking how the spirit of service for the good of all could be deployed outside of partisan politics”. This was coming in heals of one collapse to another of talks of merger amongst the – so called - progressives opposition political parties.

THIS is a clear manifestation that people like Prof. Pat Utomi found themselves in politics by the desire to positively affect humanity and not as a do or die means of enriching oneself.

In the other hand there could not be any other presumptuous, selfish and narrow minded persons than the leaders of ACN and ANPP in relation to the April, 2011 election and what is likely going to be the outcome without coalition of forces against PDP. What on earth gave Alhaji Shekerau and Malam Nuhu Ribadu the inkling that they could individually win a Presidential election in Nigeria by April, 2011.

Prof. Pat Utomi, a more pragmatic and integrated personality, saw the message ahead of time and decided to do the right thing - by suppressing his personal ego – which was to collapse his political structure in favour of Alhaji Shekerau. But he did not do that without a sensible caveat. He had agreed that his party - Social Democratic Mega Party: SDMP - did not have the structure in place and would not, singly, be able to win the April election at presidential level. Prof. Utomi also adviced Alhaji Shekerau to also study the circumstances and do the proper thing by also aggregating his supporters’ votes for whoever he thinks has a better chance of successfully wrestling the power from PDP.

Except we are not telling ourselves the truth, Malam Ribadu and Alhaji Shekerau did not have sufficient bases to think that they will win the presidential election individually. If these major parties believed sincerely that PDP has destroyed Nigerians and Nigeria in the twelve years it had occupied the central government, if they were not just trying to agitate to be recognized and possibly attract jobs to themselves, they should have done the right thing by coalescing with Gen. Muhamed Buhari of CPC who had a better chance of challenging and possibly wrestling power from PDP.

Finally one would not have achieved much without urging the likes of Prof. Pat Utomi to continue to galvanize genuine opposition which will either force PDP out of power or push it to begin to enunciate developmental projects that will bring dividend of democracy to Nigerians. If that is not done in time, we stand to see a situation where Nigeria is gradually drifting into a one party state in the name of democracy, where these inordinate and selfish politicians will gang up against the majority of Nigerians.

Rome was not built in a day and giving up will mean automatic triumph for the mediocre politicians who do not understand what building a virile nation state means. Nothing good comes easy.

Chris Onyishi

Imo State, Nigeria

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