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By: Chris Onyishi
 Published December 14th, 2011

The death that will take the life of a puppy does not let it perceive the stench of human or animal excreta, so goes an Igbo axiom.

Equal or close to the above adage is the saying that the stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave. And to the extent that it got itself stock to the drape on the coffin when it is lowered, will it definitely be buried with the corpse. And when turned round further we say that the grasshopper killed by the little blue herons of Florida must have had its ears blocked.

There is this saying that it is only a dead tree trunk that stays at a point even when it eavesdropped humans discussing of how to fell it the next day. I dare say, here and now, that the PDP controlled central government in Nigeria is one of-or all of - a dead trunk, a stubborn fly or a deaf grasshopper.

One funny thing with lower class and higher class animals alike is that if they want to go extinct, they start reproducing offspring of one sex.

It is amazing how human beings endowed, by The Almighty God, with brain and liberty to choose between evil and good make haste to use their free given wisdom to dash to choose evil. It is also baffling that human beings, no matter their social status and “academic prowess”, sit history on the fore head for some unexplainable selfish reasons. In one breath I will proclaim that I am not disappointed by the actions of our rulers. Yet in another wink of the eye lashes, I get consternated with the extent of the malady of their being.

When President Jonathan boasted that he will explain his reason or reasons for suggesting that “oil subsidy” will be removed, some of us got hilarious. I remember how in those olden days, woman in my village would be asked not to come out in the night when masquerades would be going about extorting them of their food. They would be told that the masquerade was a spirit and woman in particular should avoid coming in contact with them both in the night and in the daylight. As little as we were then, we were better suited to see the masquerades than our mothers, who have witnessed these extortions for years, just for the fact that we were boys who would become men. And we would marvel at the docility of these our mothers when we went and met the “spirit masquerades”.

In some cases it was our mothers who provided the funds with which our fathers procured the costly ornament that these “spirit masquerades” would be adorned. At times it would be our mothers’ wrappers that formed part of the “spirit masquerades’” attire the following morning. And to make it more complex, in our eyes, our mothers would not care to ask about our fathers for as long as the “spirit masquerades” were still entertaining the public.

Here, in the twenty first century, some obtuse governors and a president, who sometimes forgets that he is one and whose real motive of coming to power is yet to be known, and some other self made cohorts in the corridors of power – after one bogus thing called FEC meeting - are playing this old game of asking us not to think about anything that concerns us and that whatever they think is best for us. They now equate us to those our mothers of ancient years. They propound some absurd economic theories even when most of them did not have very good grades in their entire school life and that is for those who ever had reasonable education.

It pains me most when some smart people like Malam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the CBN governor of Nigeria, joins in this frail concoction to strive to pull the wool over our eyes in matters as immaculate as the mother Jesus. The truth here is that there is no explanation to justify “oil subsidy” removal in the face of dehumanizing corruption in the land. Government must learn to place the cart behind the horse and no more any less.

The question that is begging for answer is “why is it difficult to confront corruption by these rulers?”. The only logical answer is that most of, and I say most with emphasis, our rulers are corrupt. And the shrine of oracle of corruption in Nigeria is built and encapsulated in the PDP centrally controlled federal government of over twelve years.

When I say that PDP is never amenable to democracy, it sounded pessimistic. How would a democratically elected president – or one who claims so - say that he would prefer mass revolt over and above the wishes of the people he assumes voted him into power? Why would all the governors and the FEC say backward never to “oil subsidy” removal and forward ever to corruption in our land? Why would all PDP kin pins support this evil? Why should the ex President Obasanjo, who predicted Arab spring in Nigeria, not make categorical statement against this evil?

Would this period not have placed itself for PDP to once pretend to be a democratic party where electorates’ wish should have been made sacrosanct for once?

I do not controvert prophesies of both ex President Obasanjo and President Jonathan on the likely hood of a revolution. What I controvert is the timing. But what I resent so much is the likely hood of the revolution consuming the likes of both Presidents and their cohorts whenever it comes because according to The Sunnewsonline editorial of Sunday December 11, 2011 and I quote “We are aware that revolutionary talks are not the pastime of the elite. It is reactionary elements, not conservatives, that toy with the idea. All over the world, revolutions have remained the handiwork of the disappointed, the dissatisfied, the disgruntled and the deprived. This hapless breed usually resort to such mass revolt as a way of getting back at the elite and the rich that are oppressing them”.
Continuing the editorial explained that “…revolution is a revenge tool and a means of cleansing the mess in the land. The target of every revolution are the privileged few who have exploited the system to their advantage. Revolutions seek to right these wrongs”.
It is now left for these people to continue to represent the deaf grasshopper or the stubborn garden fly or the inanimate dead tree trunk or take the part of reason and hearken to the aspirations and wishes of the people. A word is enough for the wise. A stitch in time saves nine. It is only “a fool at forty that is proper foolish”. The histories of lives of rulers who have disobeyed the cries of their people are well documented for everybody to peruse and make a decision before it is too late. This is no threat but real facts. The choice between confronting corruption head-on and “oil subsidy” removal is not a tough one for a government that is peopled by creative and selfless beings.
Chris Onyishi (
Enugu, Nigeria

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