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Soyinka's Call for Civil Disobedience

By: Fredrick Femi Robinson  

 Published January, 20th, 20010

I begin to wonder when Professor Wole Soyinka, ‘Kongi’ will stop fighting his imaginary enemies. Oga , I think It is time to stop. You and some educated ones like you have been drumming the sounds of war for so long. Many of your followers have lost their lives; some have been maimed because you do not know when to stop. It may interest you to know that many people do not know what you say; what you write about and what you intend to achieve. Some of us who understand you want you to channel your energies to productive ends. This is because some of those who listen or read your works, do not understand two words of what you say or write. Remember how in the days of Nnamdi Azikiwe every one wanted to hear his big, big English? Many Nigerian youths just want to read the headlines. Nigerian youths have come to believe that the likes of Professor Wole Soyinka and others are always right because the white man recognizes them as our spokesmen. They feared his literary powers of Wole Soyika and Chinua Achebe they made them heroes; just as they made Zik of Africa a leader at a time when they needed some one to champion their interest. Remember “Danda” the play written by Ikem Nwankwo. Danda was the first to ride a motor car into his village, but did the motor car provide food for his people? The car only made him the most famous man in the village. Think of the number of Nigerian youths who lost their lives during the Abiola struggle. How many of them understood the political jargon of “I am out to claim my Mandate” by Abiola. These youths have been made to believe they will not be shot at or killed because they were sold the European ‘template’ of Civil Disobedience. How many of those who called the youths to Civil Disobedience during the military regime are dead today. Most of them ran to America and other foreign countries leaving the youths they called out for civil disobedience to face bullets. Very often they blame the police and the military for killing innocent people. What do they expect the police and military to do? Sit down and wait for a mob to kill them? This is Africa where we leave the body of the unknown to rot on the streets. How many of the youths who lost their lives were honored in burial like some of these “democrazy” activists? It is time parents start asking their wards not to listen to all these political calls that could lead to violence. Those who enticed Abdul Murtalab to bombing America in the name of AlQaeda also started by such calls. There should be better ways to press a point especially during a civilian regime.

We elected some people to represent us in Government; are we no longer convinced these people can fight for us? Who elected or who is trying to rig the likes of Wole Soyinka and others to the leadership position, which empowers him to people out on a civil disobedience campaign? If he can do it and get away with it what stops any other Nigerian? People like Professor Wole Soyinka continue to write and forget delving into Politics which he is unwilling to invest in but too willing to critisize.

We blame the fanatics who believe they must destroy those who do not believe. How are we better? We call our youths to do our dirty works for us? I want to believe that a political script has been written to destabilize this country’s march to freedom and attempts are being made to use people the youths see as roll models to achieve this. I will ask to youths of this country to be careful . If Professor Wole Soyinka feels he has a point to make, let him stage the usual “One man demonstration” he was famous for in the early days. After all Wole Soyinka has become the proverbial bone tied to the neck of the dog. He can not be shot down or manhandled. I am also sure he will not be caught breaking or looting shops like some youths do when called out to demonstrate. If we must shun violence we must evolve the Nigerian ‘template’ for demonstration. Please let’s remove the scales from our eyes. A one man Show will do the job with out damage.

Femi Robinson.

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