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Time to think Nigeria.

By: Fredrick Femi Robinson  

 Published January, 20th, 20010

What really is the agenda of most political parties in Nigeria? What really have they offered to convince you and I that they want Nigerian to continue to exist as one family come 2011?

Most parties in Nigeria are too busy criticizing each other for selfish reasons. They often forget that they are representatives of the people. Some political parties educate their followers to see nothing good in what the other is doing. They forget that those they are talking to are not fools. For example what is wrong in Fashola trying to make Lagos Beautiful? Are the other parties in Lagos advocating that they would rather want people to continue living in filth and overcrowded environments? What is this attack about wasteful spending? Even if it is borrowed money, is it not being spent on visible development? What has Yar Aradua’s sickness got to do with the Akara seller on the streets of Ilobu in Oyo State? Why must she join in Civil Disobedience? Yar Adua is the President and representative of every Nigerian. If he breaks the laws of the land there are laid down constitutional methods of addressing the situation. Calling for mass civil disobedience places non confidence in the rule of law. It is a call to lawlessness and anarchy. What are the people we voted into the House of Representatives doing? Why are they asking the news papers to help them do their jobs? Why have some Newspapers taken over their duty?

It is very clear that those who could not attain leadership roles because they could not compete in the political game want to step in through the back door once again. They are waiting for an Interim Government. If politics is a dirty game what will you call these orchestrated attacks on the common people who are being disturbed from finding a lawful way to earn a living? The newspapers and sometimes or TV stations are encouraged to pull the panic button by who ever can pay the piper. The Petrol tanker drivers want a parking space; the Doctors are on strike; thank God we do not have night soil men going on strike. Everyday we are creating tensions so as to pave way for yet another military take over. A regime we all went on our knees praying to God to save us from some years ago.

Unfortunately this will not be possible anymore, because of the clever decisions taken by those we called strange bed fellows some years ago.

I have asked myself, why so many people are attacking PDP and one of those who made it impossible for the military to dream a come back? If we dig deep we will realize that there are personal and selfish reasons for their actions.

PDP is perhaps the only political party that decided to zone political appointments at Federal level to States and Geopolitical areas and ensured it implemented it. Little did it know that the decision if adhered to will help maintain a seize-fire until we begin to understand and trust each other once. This single action has meant that the party put behind it the struggle for power among its members and among each ethnic grouping. It also guaranteed that the party will continue to be in power for years at Federal level as long the agreement persists.

The fear most politicians have in Nigeria today, is that as long as the Federal continues to retain the power it has, PDP will by this singular action become the giant octopus that will grab all the states to its’ self.

Tell me, what other party believes in this sharing formula? Most of them are full of power drunk individuals who want to be treated as Lord and master. The only way the agreement can be broken is to remove PDP from power. That way, anybody will be free to contest for the Presidency. The world is changing fast and those dictators hiding under the cloak of being democrats had better watch out. Nigeria is peaceful today because we have a party that is willing to share. If the sharing formula is not right we should continue to dialogue. Those calling for crisis had better realize that the wise will always continue to dialogue not opt for confrontation.

Femi Robinson

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