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Che Oyinatumba
 Published June 1st, 2010

At the just concluded State visit to Nigeria by the United States Under Secretary of State For Democracy and Global Affairs, Maria Otero, it was made known to the State House Correspondents that the United States will back President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the 2011 election provided he conducts a free and fair election.

This declaration by Maria Otero, is an icing on the cake, an unequivocal seal of approval that President Goodluck Jonathan has been seeking. In the days to come, Nigerians should brace themselves to see more bold actions towards Goodluck 2011 Campaign. Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) will be empowered to create an ingenious documentary on why Nigerians need goodluck in their daily lives and if so, why not at the national level.

Since the President took over, his intension to run had been left to the “misinterpretation” of his loud body language by overzealous Special Assistance and silent farts from the Senator Barigha Amange led Bridge Builders Frontiers. But with this approval by the United States, the Campaign will go beyond defacing the Abuja landscape with Goodluck’s posters to militant vociferous calls for him to run. Government business will now be grounded as every Minister will be bootlicking to show that he is not a clog in the wheel of actualizing Mr. President’s dreams. Also at the State level, especially in states, whose Governors had tasted the cherry pie for a tenure, every activity will be tailored towards continuity, by playing the old trick of scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

But can President Goodluck Jonathan meet the condition for USA’s support? Political gurus are in agreement that the wholesome implementation of the Justice Uwais report on Election Reforms is the compass out of the electoral woods Nigeria has found herself in recent times.

If President Goodluck wants us to toe the line of unalloyed support, let an independent body appoint the new INEC Chairman. But will a referee appointed by   Orji Uzor Kalu allow Enyimba FC to loss a match against Heartland FC?

With the intension of playing the devil’s advocate, let us see the options open to President Goodluck if he wants to win the support of the United States.

Option 1. Allow INEC Chairman to be appointed by an independent body. This will show Nigerians that President Goodluck is willing to subject himself to the rules of the game.

Option 2. Allow INEC to conduct staggered elections into apparatus of governance at the state level. This will help INEC muster adequate manpower to conduct and check electoral malpractices. This will guarantee a tolerable credibility of the outcome of the election.

Option 3. Forget the United States Greek gift backing and retire to Yenegoa.

The above options are the devil’s alternative for any one President Goodluck chooses, he cannot guarantee the outcome. If he opts for the first option, the new INEC Chairman may be so independent that we will witness the first incumbent in Nigeria to loss an election.

Option 2 if chosen by Goodluck, may result in his party, the PDP losing a great number of states and seats that they cannot muster the necessary manpower to vote him into office. 

 Option 3 is a suicide. But it takes great statesmen to die for their country. With the dust being generated by the zoning formula of the PDP, Goodluck can do us a lorry load of good by declining to contest, rather like Mandela, heal the wounds of the Nation. If Goodluck contests and wins, there will be crisis of confidence among the federating geo-political zones, the magnitude of which nobody can now ascertain.   

Did I hear you chuckle? Same was my reaction after reading the conditional support given to President Goodluck Jonathan by Maria Otero.

Che Oyinatumba.

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