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We Want Food Not Bombs In Nigeria.

By Uwalaka Emelike (of The Change Nigeria Group)  
 Published July 10thh, 2011

In the past 9-10 months there have been several cases of bomb blasts in Nigeria. From the bomb blast that killed 12 in the capital city, Abuja close to the venue for the celebration of the 50th independence anniversary of our country on the 1st of October 2010 to several other cases and reports of bomb blasts across the country.

It is simply a case of undiluted hatred for the present administration whose regime is labeled as Nigeria's only hope of getting it right. All these bombings have been linked to an Islamic Group called the Boko Haram.

The boko haram, a group from the north against anything and everything western, is a deadly cabal whose aim is to disrupt and create chaos within the Jonathan administration. The tension and palpable fear created in Nigeria by this group has once again, thrown the nation into a deep pit of poisoned chalice and negativities.

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The security and lives of the Nigerian people is now at risk as there is nowhere impenetrable for this deadly group after the attack on the police headquarters.

It is now a matter of immediacy and urgency that the Government should step up to this group of misled young men and fish out the conspirators aiding and abetting their cause by sponsoring them as it is evident that the matter is more of a political issue than a religious issue.

The government should also look into the welfare of those young men being brainwashed into tools for selfish execution. If they are well empowered and employed, their mindset and energy will be geared towards the upliftment of this nation.

In times like this and due to things like this, the government should invest more in agricultural products in both the rural and urban regions. This step would tend to create the availability of food stuffs and even as far as more jobs to keep our youths from being idle which I strongly believe is the course of most of them joining such terrorist groups as the Boko Haram.

Therefore, as a member of Change Nigeria Group, I strongly support the Food Not Bombs NGO volunteers, who are already providing food in more than ten communities in Nigeria. They are connected to a global network of Food Not Bombs activists that are experienced in providing food to the hungry and are knowledgeable about organizing nonviolent social change.

It is a good cause that will bring about rural peace and development which will in turn reduce the level of induction into violent groups.

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